5 Gym Accessories you didn't know you needed

5 gym accessories you didn’t know you needed

The gym is a second home for some, and a bit of an ordeal for the rest of us. The right accessories don’t guarantee you’ll be there at 6:30am every day, but they can make it all significantly easier and a lot more stylish.

Here are 5 gym accessories you might not have considered, but really, really need. 

1. Mood-specific playlists

Your gym playlists should evaporate a bad mood and boost a good one, but hardcore house might not cut it every time.

If it’s a miracle you’re even standing next to a treadmill, queue up a 2-hour playlist that makes you feel good and gets rid of your lethargy. If you’re already feeling quite perky, you need something that will sustain your energy. It’s the audio equivalent of eating a banana and a handful of cashews.

2. Fancy padded socks

There are so many different pairs of trainers for different functions – running, arch support, and just bumming around in comfort. Our socks are easily neglected though. (Let’s be real, they probably don’t even match right now.)

 If you spend a bit more cash, you can get blister preventing, quick drying socks with comfy padding.

3. A gym bag you’ll be genuinely proud of

Your gym bag is a status symbol, it’s what tells your colleagues ‘I go to the gym, you know’.

First, you need to decide whether you’re going to prioritise style or substance. If you really want to look like you know what you’re doing, your gym bag should have a separate compartment for your shoes, comfortable handles, and plenty of storage.

4. A spirit animal

When you’re reaching into your motivation reserves and you’re coming up with nothing, you need someone to focus on and emulate. It can be anyone who inspires you, famous or not. It could be your late Aunt Eileen who was always the first to line up the shot glasses.

For some, only an abbed-up Insta fitness model will do. For others, it’s all about the energy coming from within. Next time you’re avoiding the busy weights room, think What Would Beyonce Do? The answer is probably use her own private, gold-plated weights room instead, but you know what we mean…

5. Post-gym Slydes

When you’ve got jelly legs, your biceps are screaming, and everything looks like stuffed crust, it’s probably time to head home. When you’ve peeled your leggings off and smell presentable again, the comfiest post-gym footwear is essential.

 Slydes have a suede-soft foot strap and moulded sole. Your feet will be in their happy place whether you’ve run a few miles or been enduring the cross trainer.




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