Do you suffer from New Shoe Fatigue (NSF)? Here's what to do about it


Buying new shoes is a unique joy. Shoes for other people’s weddings, shoes for your imminent holiday, shoes you develop a relationship with as soon as you see them…

That joy often turns into a grimace though. Just one wear can do it. The joints of your toes and the back of your heel are the hot spots. Several steps later, your new shoes are now a strange, conflicting source of pain and enjoyment.  

It’s time to end the pain of new shoes. It’s time to stop carrying plasters around (which his ridiculous when you really think about it). It’s time to do something about New Shoe Fatigue.

Be prepared to break them in

Some experience a period of denial before NSF. They insist these shoes are different, and wouldn’t hurt them like that. But in all likelihood, they will need patiently breaking in.

Keep walking to a minimum, go somewhere you’ll be sitting down a lot, don’t wear them all day, and have back up pair to change into if it’s all too much.


Try those trusty internet hacks

If you want to break shoes in quickly, because your social life waits for no one, the internet is full of strange, but potentially useful, advice.

  1. Blister plasters. Predict where your shoes will hurt the most and pack them with blister plasters. No rubbing, no pain.
  2. Wear them around the house with a thick pair of socks. Stretch the new shoes and protect your delicate feet at the same time.
  3. Blast them with a hairdryer. Heat expands things, including leather shoes. Wear them with thick socks and blow-dry them for even more stretch.
  4. Lubricate (not like that). Moisturise your feet, and rub some Vaseline into the worst bits. The lack of friction will make blistering less likely.                                                                                                                                                   And the most difficult to explain to bystanders...                    
  5. Dunk your feet in the bath. This one only works with leather sandals that won’t be damaged by water. Put the sandals on, stick your feet in the bath, then towel them off and wear them damp. Over the next hour or two, the leather should soften and mould to your feet.  You’ll have to explain why your feet are a bit wet, but it could be worth it.                                                                                                                                               Buy some Slydes and end the madness           

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