So what’s the difference between a flip flop and a slider?

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Sliders and flip flops are both casual sandals, yet in terms of design, origin and style they stand worlds apart. 

You’ll recognise a flip flop by it’s flat sole and Y-shaped strap. Also known as thong sandals, flip flops have held tight at the helm of hot weather footwear since the ancient Egyptians.

Sliders on the other hand are the iconic modern sandal. Cooler (and comfier) than a pair of flip flops, they’re the go-to summer footwear of guys and girls who want a fuss-free, minimal and stylish fashion sandal! From the gym, to the garden, to the holiday pool, to the sociable hours of the summer night, you won’t find a more versatile summer sole.

Where are the best places to wear Slydes?


Lounge in them, cook in them, greet your guests in them. From your bedroom door to your kitchen floor look no further than a pair of Slydes for comfortable and stylish sashaying around. Slydes are the modern house footwear. The chic alternative to slippers.


The summer party essential. Ooze style, stay comfortable, dance away. Your summer party footwear sorted.


From the comfort of your home, to the gym floor via the yoga matt, a quick stop at the office, your Slydes will pull you through the day in effortless, active, style. The after-gym shoe with serious relaxation benefits.


Whether loafing in your swimwear or cocktail sipping by the poolside bar, Slydes are your uber stylish poolside footwear essential.


Go for a swim. But first of all ditch the Havaianas and join the revolution. As far as beach footwear is concerned, Slydes are here to stay.


The modern holiday sandals. From the hotel, to the beach, to the restaurant, Slydes are super versatile and guaranteed to stand out. Dress them up, dress them down, whatever you do just make sure you wear them boldly.


The perfect gardening shoe. Wear them whist tending to your summer garden, and of course don’t forget those barbecue evenings.


Whether you are driving or catching a flight, Slydes are the safest, and most stylish travel footwear choice. These lightweight shoes let your feet breath and relax in the car, the aeroplane, the ferry or the train. The list goes on.

A Brief History of Sliders…

From dad sandal to Daddy Cool, the story of the rise of the slider is synonymous with the downfall of the flip flop. The pool slide had long been the functional, clompy summer sandal. But in 2013, Phoebe Philo set a footwear revolution in motion when she put chunky flat sandals on her catwalk. By 2014, Vogue was shooting model Freja Beha Erichsen wearing black Nike slides, Givenchy were making them for the catwalk, and Rihanna was wearing dove grey Chanel pool slides for nights out in LA. These days even David Beckham has switched from trainers to pristine sport socks with pool slides as his default day shoe. Into 2018, the functionality and versatility of the pool slide makes it the top choice for athletes getting around training centres and Olympic Villages.

The Slider Hall of Fame

Just like many a utilitarian accessory, the pool slide has reinvented itself with a fierce dose of designer approval. The original Adidas slider has become iconic, alongside Nike’s version – the old time competitors fighting head to head in a slider sandal platform, no pun intended. Then came high-end fashion, with brands like Bottega Veneta, Givenchy, Gucci, Chanel, Prada, Maison Margiela, Mark Jacobs (the list goes on) taking the slider to stratospheric levels of cool. Likewise there has been no shortage of street footwear brands like Dr Martens adapting the slider sandal to their iconic design. And of course we can’t underestimate the perennial popularity of the sturdy Birkenstock. Once only found in your dad’s shoe rack, sliders are now popping up everywhere the catwalk to now Asos and Urban Outfitters.

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